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l Drive Belts

The selected belt type must fit to the pulley type (SPA or SPZ profile) and to the system for tensing the belt.  For a motor fixed to the bottom we recommend an elastic round belt. For a motor “hanging” inside the casing (weight pushes the motor down) we recommend a non-elastic V-belt.

The elastic round belt is available in 6mm (SPZ) or 8mm (SPA). The two ends of the belt are sticked together manually using a connection piece (lock).

The non-elastic V-belt is available as SPZ or SPA (standard) profile. The two ends of the belt are screwed together using a lock.

l Sealing

Enventus uses brush sealings with different lengths of the brushes to obtain optimised sealing. Brush sealing is used on the middle beam of the casing and on the periphery.

For pressure situations with very high difference between supply and exhaust, a double brush sealing is recommended on the middle beam. In industrial application our special slide sealing is often being used. 


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