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l Standard Drive System

Standard drive system package to replace an old system. Consisting of motor with worm gear box, control unit MicroMax with cable, including rotation monitor with magnet. 0-10V input signal required.

To select the correct motor power and according control unit device, please contact us.

l Standard Control Units

Usually we use MicroMax control unit for standard application.

MicroMax is a modern vector modulated frequency inverter with all the additional functions necessary (alarm output, cleaning function, rotation monitor) for controlling rotary heat exchangers. MicroMax control unit requires 0-10V input signal and is available in three different sizes (MicroMax 180, 370 and 750) for rotor diameter up to 5000mm.
- Users guide MicroMax 180  Micromax 180, EnglishEN  Micromax 180, SvenskaSE  Micromax 180, DeutschDE  Micromax 180, NederlandsNL  
- Users guide MicroMax 370  Micromax 370, EnglishEN  Micromax 370, SvenskaSE  Micromax 370, DeutschDE  Micromax 370, NederlandsNL
- Users guide MicroMax 750  Micromax180, EnglishEN  Micromax180, SvenskaSE  Micromax180, DeutschDE  Micromax180, NederlandsNL

MiniMax is similar to the standard controller MicroMax. In addition, the MiniMax control unit accepts different input signals, e.g. 0-20V, 0-20mA or 4-20mA and features an enabling function and a frequency output. The MiniMax control unit is being used for rotor diameter up to 3550mm.

- Users guide MiniMax  Minimax, EnglishEN  Minimax, SvenskaSE  Minimax, DeutschDE  Minimax, NederlandsNL 

MicroMax 180 / 370 / 750


l Standard Motors

The AP motor series is available in 90W, 180W, 370W and 750W. These 3-phase induction motor belong to isolation class F. They are equipped with a worm gear box with lifetime lubrication. Available with thermo contact for motor protection in combination with our standards control units. (Price in pricelist is excluding pulley.)

The SPG motor series is suitable for small rotor diameters up to 1000mm (25W and 40W). A tachometer option is available in combination with variable speed system.


AP Motor

SPG Motor

l Advanced Drive System

EMX-R drive system package for rotor diameters from 800mm up to 3530mm. A motor, based on switched reluctance (SR) principle, and according control unit with cable. Rotation monitor integrated. Advanced drive system is available three sizes (15 / 25 / 35) as standard S model (LEDs) or E model (digital display).

- Instruction EMX-R  Emotron, EnglishEN  Emotron, SvenskaSE  Emotron, DeutschDE  

EMX-R 15 / 25 / 35

l Drive System for small rotors

Emotron EMX-P is a compact control unit for speed control of small rotary heat exchangers. (replaces SP-1500)


l Hanging Motor Bracket

The motor bracket is installed hanging inside the casing walls. The motor weight pushes down the bracket and causes tension on the V-belt. Two springs secure the motor from bouncing. Only a few simple steps are necessary to remove the motor. The improved access makes maintenance much easier.

Motor bracket, hanging

l Pulley

Ask us for the right type (SPA or SPZ profile) and pulley size for any of our motors to fit to the rotary heat exchanger.


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