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Casings > Slide-In Unit (CS/DS)

l To be built into Air Handling Unit

CS Casing (for rotor in one part up to diameter 2450mm)

  • "slide-in" casing
  • light sheet metal construction (standard: galvanised steel)
  • flexible dimensions, fitting to AHU
  • casing in one piece
  • no side panels
  • for rotors in one piece


  • horizontal division (CSD casing) for sectorised rotors (up to diameter 2450 mm) for difficult mounting conditions
  • powdercoated casing
  • complete stainless steel casing
  • side cover


CS / CSD Casing to be mounted 
air handling unit (AHU)

DS Casing (for sectorised rotor for diameter 2450mm-5000mm)

  • "slide-in" casing
  • strong aluminium profiles with galvanised sheet metal (diameter larger 4250mm: steel profile)
  • casing divided (horizontally)
  • no side panels
  • rotor sectorised, not mounted


  • Corrosion protection (powdercoated or stainless steel sheet metal)
  • vertical division
  • side cover


DS Casing

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