Customers can select rotors to be installed in either fully enclosed cassettes or simple “slide in” frame casings.
Depending on the request, the casings are made from galvanised steel, alu-zink, aluminium, or from stainless steel.


To be built into Air Handling Unit (AHU)

The simple “slide-in” casing construction (CS, CSD, DS) is designed to be built into air handling units (AHU). This simplifies the final assembly and results in a uniform appearance of the AHU outside panels. This casing type is the preferred choice of air handling manufacturers. The casing can be selected to fit directly into customers AHU measurements, making cover plates unnecessary.

For more information see CS and DS Casing


For direct connection to Air Handling Unit (AHU) or duct

For rotary heat exchangers which are directly connected to the duct work or to an air handling unit, we offer the rigid, stand-alone fully enclosed cassette (C, CD, D). Cassette panels can be selected with or without insulation. The cassettes are produced according any requested dimension, being the perfect solution for replacement or add-on to an AHU, originally not equipped with energy recovery.


For more Information see C and D Casing