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Joining forces – Hoval takes over Enventus!

On 1st of December 2014, Hoval, a family-owned company with head office in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, took over Enventus, a company specialising in rotary heat exchangers. The combined skill of Hoval and Enventus means that both companies, as well as their customers, will benefit from the acquisition and the resulting expansion of expertise. The Enventus brand will continue to exist and the competencies and the production facility for rotary heat exchangers in Jönköping, Sweden, will be retained.

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New version of Enventus Calculation program!

 The new version 5.0.0 contains many news, such as:

- The HX1 sorption rotor is now phased out and replaced by the HM1 Molecular Sieve 3Å sorption rotor. 

- Slide in casings can now be selected down to rotor diameters of 300 mm

- As additional option single phase motors are now available for all products

- Under Accessories the option of powder coated casings is now selectable.

- The technical print out is updated with latent energy transfer and effectiveness data. 

» Download Enventus Calculation ver 5.0.0 here!


New version of Enventus calculation program!

The new version 4.14.1 contains many news, such as:

- Actual pressure drop calculation
- Calculation according AHRI standard
- Calculation of heat- and humidity efficiency depended on rotor speed
- And more

» Download Enventus Calculation ver 4.14.1 here!






Sorption rotors

The market demands today higher temperature efficiencies as well as higher humidityransfer properties on our products...

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Molecular sieve, Zeolite Type A







Double Wheel Concept

• Lower cooling capacity needed
• No additional reheating capacity needed
• Sensible wheel precools exhaust air - sorption rotor works even more efficient
• Good control of the supply air temperature
• Most energy effective solution for cooling and drying supply air in AHU units

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