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New version of Enventus Calculation program!

 The new version 5.0.0 contains many news, such as:

- The HX1 sorption rotor is now phased out and replaced by the HM1 Molecular Sieve 3Å sorption rotor. 

- Slide in casings can now be selected down to rotor diameters of 300 mm

- As additional option single phase motors are now available for all products

- Under Accessories the option of powder coated casings is now selectable.

- The technical print out is updated with latent energy transfer and effectiveness data. 

» Download Enventus Calculation ver 5.0.0 here!


New version of Enventus calculation program!

The new version 4.14.1 contains many news, such as:

- Actual pressure drop calculation
- Calculation according AHRI standard
- Calculation of heat- and humidity efficiency depended on rotor speed
- And more

» Download Enventus Calculation ver 4.14.1 here!






Sorption rotors

The market demands today higher temperature efficiencies as well as higher humidityransfer properties on our products...

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Molecular sieve, Zeolite Type A







Double Wheel Concept

• Lower cooling capacity needed
• No additional reheating capacity needed
• Sensible wheel precools exhaust air - sorption rotor works even more efficient
• Good control of the supply air temperature
• Most energy effective solution for cooling and drying supply air in AHU units

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