Important legal information

By downloading information, data and documents from the websites of Enventus (hereinafter called " Enventus Websites") you agree to the following conditions. Individual services and products are additionally subject to the specific terms and conditions pertaining thereto. In the event of contradiction, the respective specific terms apply.

Enventus reserves the right at any time and at its own discretion to alter, supplement or delete all or part of the content of the Enventus Websites and the present conditions. This also applies to improvements and/or changes to the information stated and to products and services. Please check these conditions regularly for any changes. If you continue to use the Enventus Websites after changes to these conditions have been published, you are deemed to have accepted the changes.

Data protection
Enventus seeks to ensure that the legal provisions regarding data protection are met.

Non-binding offer of Enventus
The information, fares, price lists and other such items published on the Enventus Websites must not be construed as a solicitation or recommendation to buy products and services or to effect any other transactions or conclude any other legal business. Any exceptions will be designated as such.

Although all preventative measures have been taken that can reasonably be expected, the possibility of the Enventus Websites containing technical flaws, omissions or typographical errors cannot be ruled out.
Enventus cannot guarantee that the information, fares, price lists and other such items published on the Enventus Websites are accurate, complete or up-to-date, and accepts no liability in this respect.

Use of the Enventus Websites
All the content (texts, graphics, pictures, etc.) of the Enventus Websites is protected by copyright and, unless otherwise stated, belongs exclusively and in its entirety to Enventus. This applies in particular to the brands and logos (whether expressed in words, pictures and/or sounds) featuring in the Enventus Websites.
These Websites may also contain references to third parties' copyrights or rights of use. These, too, must be observed.

The information and services contained on the Websites are supplied by Enventus solely for private use and for information purposes.

It is permissible to download, save, print or copy by other methods individual pages and/or sections of the Enventus Websites provided none of the copyright symbols (e.g. Enventus ©) or other legally protected names are removed. All property rights and rights of use shall remain with Enventus, which may revoke the aforementioned permission at any time.

None of the information or services contained in the ENVENTUS Websites may be reproduced (completely or in part), transmitted (electronically or by other means), modified, linked or used for public or commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Enventus.

Enventus declines all liability whatsoever for loss or damage of any kind that you or any third parties may incur in connection with access to or use of the Enventus Websites or parts thereof, or from links to third parties' websites. Anyone visiting a Enventus Website, using the information contained therein or availing themselves of the offers featured therein does so at their own risk and responsibility.

Enventus also declines all liability for lost earnings, for Internet-related malfunctions of all kinds (e.g. suspension of operations, disruption of functions, viruses, pernicious components, terrorist acts, etc.), for misuse by third parties (hacking into data, copying, etc.) and for loss of programs or other data in your information systems. This applies even if Enventus Websites might indicate the possibility of such damage.

Linked websites
Some links on the ENVENTUS Websites lead to third parties' websites which are outside the control of Enventus. Enventus cannot accept responsibility for the correctness, completeness or lawfulness of the content of these websites or of any links to further websites, nor for any offers, products or services contained therein. This applies even if such websites feature the Enventus logo or another protected name. Users access the linked websites at their own risk.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
The courts at the registered office of Enventus in Winterthur have sole jurisdiction over any disputes arising between you as visitor to and user of the Enventus Websites and Enventus in connection with the operation or use of the Enventus Websites. Relations between the parties shall be governed exclusively by Swiss law.